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  The Future
Extraordinary transformations are taking place in our lives due in large part to the impact of information technology. Businesses are transitioning from the physical to the virtual, often with unexpected results. Meet those who are striving to remain competitive and survive in this new age of discovery and constant change. What is the next big thing?'s Did you know?
Online encyclopedia dedicated to computer technology. If it's about computers and the web, your answer is probably here.

  Blogs... real estate  

There are a few exceptionally good real estate blogs on the net. Below are a few among the best and most useful... offering some great contemporary thinking and insight into the future of real estate marketing and the web.

1000 Watt Blog provides consulting services to real estate companies, media organizations and startups that want to define real estate's future. Find some great articles on the future of real estate.

MyTech Opinion digs through those techy offerings out there to identify key products and services to benefit your real estate business.

Future of Real Estate Marketing
The Future of Real Estate Marketing blog examines the impact of Web 2.0 and the Internet on real estate and real estate marketing.

Idea Driven
IdeaDrivenMarketing examines the convergence of marketing with politics, culture, society and the global economy. This blog offers timely commentary as well as practical advice and strategies on how to improve your marketing and communications in a world that increasingly is digitally centered.
Pat Kitano authors Transparent Real Estate. He's co-Founder, Managing Principal of Domus Consulting Group, a management consulting firm working with real estate brokerages and Web 2.0 companies to develop technology marketing strategies, and with venture investors on new business models.
The Real Estate Tomato is not just a real estate marketing blog. It was built to be a hub to help the real estate community to better understand how to embrace the blog as the center of their marketing efforts.
Provide social media marketing, social media website design and search engine marketing services. Their blogs are full of good advice, how to's, and what's going on out there.

FBS Blog
Conversations about the MLS industry, creating software, and employee ownership.
Agent Genius is a multi-author real estate blog designed by and for real estate agents nation wide. Unlike other real estate blogs that blog at the consumer, we blog beside the consumer. We talk about whats hot in technology, new and inventive real estate business models, the nature of the real estate industry, hot topics that impact consumers and so much more…
A professional community sharing insightful ideas shaping the real estate industry today.
Where real estate and technology connect...

  Blogging Resources  

So you want to start your own blog? There are several sites on the net that offer free blogs... these are a few of our favorites.
Google's blog app... sign up for a Gmail account first and receive the keys to the Google Kingdom.
At You can get a blog started in less time than it takes you to read this sentence. All you need is an email address and a name. You can blog as much as you want for free, your blog can be public to the world or private for just your friends, and our paid upgrades are completely optional.'s - Using Blogs to build your real estate career.
Great collection of articles, tools, tutorials, and resources about creating a real estate blog using WordPress.

If you have a blog, this is a handy tool... is a free service to alert the search engines that you've updated your blog.

  Social Networking Tools  

Oline communities for real estate industry professionals... is a free online community for real estate professionals; an amalgamation of social networking, blogging, and viral marketing, all designed to help you promote and grow your business. A safe place to learn new skills and develop your online presence. ... business networking that doesn't suck. This is a great business networking community for anyone growing a business. It's about collaboration. It's about real world events, meeting people face to face, sharing info, ideas, and knowledge through events. has over 100 million members... that's larger than most countries! You probably know someone here? is a vast network of industry experts and professionals. Find inside connections when looking for new opportunities, share advice, leads, and ideas with industry experts.

  More about it... Minimize

The Commoncraft Show...
The following selection of short videos are from the in Plain English series, by Lee and Sachi LeFever at: They're excellent short presentations about new web technologies.

Social Media
Social Bookmarking

  Collaboration Tools  

Need a place for your team to meet? Have projects or ongoing conversations with a group? Need a simple way to manage it? There are several very good free and/or inexpensive collaboration tools out there... here's a few recent finds.
LimeWire is a fast, easy-to-use file sharing program that contains no spyware, adware or other bundled software. Compatible with all major platforms and running over the Gnutella network, LimeWire's open source code, is freely available to the public and developed in part by a devoted programmer community.
Wetpaint powers websites that tap the power of collaborative thinking. The heart of the Wetpaint advantage is its ability to allow anyone, especially those without technical skill, to create and contribute to websites written for and by those who share a passion or interest.

PBwiki Instead of having your documents and knowledge scattered in multiple repositories, PBwiki offers one central place to store files and collaborate – so everyone on your team can access what they need, from any location. MindMeister brings the concept of mind mapping to the web, using its facilities for real-time collaboration to allow truly global brainstorming sessions. Users can create, manage and share mind maps online and access them anytime, from anywhere. A quick and easy way to bring people and information together online.
IBM Lotus Sametime Unyte Share lets you show your desktop or share documents and applications with
anyone, anytime, anywhere. You can work with up to 30 people any time online for free with the personal edition.

ScreenToaster If you need to record what happens on your screen for any reason--to show how an application works, for example--try this simple-to-use Web service. Head to the site and press Alt-S, and it records every action you take. Press Alt-S again, and it stops. You can edit what you record, including adding titles and audio. You can then upload your video to the ScreenToaster site or to YouTube, or download it to your PC.

  Tech & Web Apps
Great resources for search engine optimization, website marketing, all about engine spiders, and keywords etc.
Real Estate software, contact management and productivity, web solutions and hosting.
Walk Score shows you a map of what's nearby and calculates a Walk Score for any property.
If you really want to explore our world, Wayfaring's social mapping is the way to go. Based on Google Maps, your search is enhanced through a social networking interface.
Online photo sharing, infinite upload interface... with captioning, organizing, geotagging, and share tools.
Make it easy to organize your thoughts, no matter what they are... Create lists and reminders; add notes, links, and versatile write boards. Share your pages and collaborate. Email new entires to your pages.
Syncs your files and Outlook to SoonR's website and get remote access.
12 million hours of video. Blinkx grabs videos from the entire web. Organized with full-motion thumbnails.
Most blogs are boring. Widgetbox gives you a ton of tools for cynamic content.
Ajax13 is one of the best free online office suites. Offers a word processor, excel like spreadsheet, drawing, and a powerpoint presentation program.
Meebo gives you slick intuitive access to all major Information Management services from one place, including AIM, MSN, Yahoo, ICQ, Google Talk, and Jabber.
Share big files. Yousendit lets you send single attachments of up to 100MB for free.

Acrobat Reader -
Stay Safe Online

Anti-Virus Help
Doug Muth's (quirky and a bit strange) web site full of great anti-virus information and resources.
McAfee Security - virus software, tools and resources.
Information on current viruses.
Learn about computer virus myths, hoaxes and urban legends.
  Working with digital images Minimize

Get your digital images ready for your website, blog, virtual tour, or emails with these tools... Image Viewer 3.6 (freeware)... An image browser, converter and editor that supports all major graphic formats. It has a nice array of features such as image viewing, management, comparison, red-eye removal, emailing, resizing, cropping, color adjustments, musical slideshow and more... Nothing to install, awesome online digital picture editor... Do it all on the web! The free version has most of the tools you'll ever need, and it's the easiest editor to use I've ever seen. GIMP is an acronym for GNU Image Manipulation Program. It is a freely distributed program for such tasks as photo retouching, image composition and image authoring. It has many capabilities. It can be used as a simple paint program, an expert quality photo retouching program, an online batch processing system, a mass production image renderer, an image format converter, etc. is a free image and photo editing program much like photoshop, for windows. Intuitive interface with special effects, layers, and a lot of useful tools. like, is online, free, and like photoshop. Great easy to use tools...

  Graphic Design Minimize

Useful and creative graphic design resources on the web the offer downloadables such as stock photos, textures/patterns, brushes, icons, and fonts that designers have decided to share with others in the community.




Flickr - screen shot.


Flickr, the premier site for online photo-sharing and the hangout of many designers and photographers, has a section called Flickr: Creative Commons that allows you to quickly view user-submitted images that have a Creative Commons license.





morguefile - screen shot.

morguefile contains user-submitted stock photographs contributed by many artists. morguefile has a terrific organization scheme and thumbnail preview for quicker searches. Also check out morguefile’s very active forums to find tutorials and to converse with artists that are members of the site.


stock.xchng - screen shot.

stock.xhchng (also known as SXC) is a very popular photo-sharing and stock photography site with over 380,000 stock photos. And if that wasn’t enough for you, they also have a tutorials section that covers photography/graphic design topics. - screen shot. is another excellent photo-sharing site for designers and photographers. The community boasts almost 14,000 members and over 3,000 photographers ensuring that you’ll have more than plenty of high-quality stock photos to sift through.


everystockphoto - screen shot.

everystockphoto is a search engine for free photos. It currently indexes close to 5 million photos. You can sign up for a free user account so that you can take advantage of nifty site features such as the ability to save collections of photos for future reference.

Textures and Patterns

CG Textures

CG Textures - screen shot.

CG Textures is an excellent texture site created by 3D artist Marcel Vijfwinkel. CG Textures is structured to help you quickly find types of textures such as Grunge andNature textures, but if you’re looking for something/someone specific, use theAdvanced Search for more specific searches.

Squidfingers / Patterns

Squidfingers / Patterns - screen shot.

Squidfingers / Patterns is a collection of useful and intricate patterns that you can use as repeating CSS backgrounds or on print work. Squidfingers / Patterns is the work of graphic designer and programmer extraordinaire, Travis Beckham.


TextureKing - screen shot.

TextureKing is a fast-growing, high-resolution texture repository maintained by creative agency, REH3design. There are currently over 300 stock textures - usually available at 1,600 x 1,200 pixels. TextureKing is currently working on giving users the ability to submit their own textures to share.

Image * After

Image * After - screen shot.

Image * After is a large collection of free photos and textures. The site provides images and textures that are available for personal, as well as commercial, purposes.

Lost and Taken

Lost and Taken - screen shot.

Lost and Taken is a blog-style repository of copyright-free stock textures created and maintained by photographer and writer, Caleb Kimbrough. Lost and Taken takes requests and suggestions, so if you can’t find something – try to send in a suggestion.

Brushes and Vectors


BrushKing - screen shot.

BrushKing offers a wide array of Adobe Photoshop brushes, all free for download. The site currently archives over 4,000 brushes and over 200 brush sets.


PS - screen shot.

PS shares beautiful and high-quality brush sets organized in a variety of categories such as the Patterns category and the Drawings category. If you’d like to see the full collection of brushes, check out the All Brushes category.

Vecteezy and Brusheezy

Vecteezy and Brusheezy - screen shot.

Vecteezy is a site that indexes free vector graphics by some of the top graphic designers in the world. Vecteezy also allows users to submit vectors to be indexed. Vecteezy has a sister site called Brusheezy which indexes free Adobe Photoshop brushes.

QVectors and QBrushes

QVectors and QBrushes - screen shot.

QVectors shares and showcases free, high-quality vector images and artwork from around the web. QVectors has a sister site called QBrushes which highlights top-notch Adobe Photoshop brushes. - screen shot. is an online gallery that features free vector graphics by talented graphic artists. The vectors showcased on are available for personal and commercial use.



Iconfinder - screen shot.

Iconfinder is a search engine specifically for icons, developed and maintained byGlassbox. Iconfinder also has a tag cloud page so that you can visually see the most popular keyword tags.

Free Icons Web

Free Icons Web - screen shot.

Free Icons Web is an index of over 15,000 high-quality and free icons for graphic and web designs, as well as icons for the desktop. If you’re looking exclusively for icons in GIF format, check out the GIF Icons section.

Icon Archive

Icon Archive - screen shot.

Icon Archive currently hosts 22,000 high-quality desktop and web icons. They have over 800 icon sets from close to 200 icon designers. Some categories on the site include Business IconsComputer Icons, and Vintage Icons.

IconBuffet Free Delivery

IconBuffet Free Delivery - screen shot.

IconBuffet, an icon foundry that sells icon artwork for web designs, has a variety of free icons in the IconBuffet Free Delivery section. Their icon sampling includes sets such as Retro Snow and Tonkawa Tiles.

Fonts - screen shot. is a repository of public domain, freeware, shareware, and demo fonts from some of the top font designers and foundries. With excellent organization and searchability features, it’s a great resource to visit for free fonts. Check out the Top 100 to see the most popular fonts on the site.

Better Fonts

Better Fonts - screen shot.

Better Fonts has a large collection of free fonts organized alphabetically and in several categories that include Retro fontsGraffiti fonts, and Handwritten fonts. The site’s unique feature is that they provide live previews of all the fonts so that you can test the fonts before downloading and installing them.

General Resources - User-submitted, Search, and Blogs


deviantART - screen shot.

deviantART is the premier community for graphic artists. The downloadable graphic design resources are from community members and you will find absolutely everything in deviantArt, including vectorsbrushestextures, and much more.

Wikimedia Commons

Wikimedia Commons - screen shot.

Wikimedia Commons is a media file repository that takes user-submitted publicly-available and freely-licensed media content. Wikimedia currently hosts over 3.7 million individual files organized several ways such as by topic (i.e. Art and People) and by type (i.e. PhotosSymbols, and Drawings).

Creative Commons Search

Creative Commons Search - screen shot.

The Creative Commons Search by the Creative Commons organization is a search engine for CC-licensed media files. It allows you to search various sites (such as Flickr and Google) all in one convenient spot.

Freebies from BittBox

Freebies from BittBox - screen shot.

Designer Jay Hilgert offers a host of freebies on his design blog, BittBox. He has a regular post series called "Free Texture Tuesday" (here’s one of them) where he shares useful textures every Tuesday.

Freebies from Blog.SpoonGraphics

Freebies from Blog.SpoonGraphics - screen shot.

Graphic and web designer Chris Spooner offers a host of freebies along with useful and informative blog posts on the topic of design. You’ll find a variety of freebies such as the wildly popular Hand Drawn Doodle Icon Set and Wavy Vector Ribbon graphics.

Freebies from PSDTUTS

Freebies from PSDTUTS - screen shot.

PSDTUTS, a site that gives Photoshop tutorials and information, has a growing freebie section submitted by a wide variety of designers. Among the things you can find from PSDTUTS are high-res texture packs and Photoshop brushes.

Freebies from Smashing Magazine

Freebies from Smashing Magazine - screen shot.

Smashing Magazine, a weblog dedicated to designers and developers, has a freebies section that includes a variety of freebies exclusively released for them. You can find icon sets, Photoshop brushes, buttons, and vectors - amongst other things.

Freebies from GoMediaZine

Freebies from GoMediaZine - screen shot.

GoMediaZine, a community for designers, has an excellent Freebies section that has vectors and free Photoshop brushes.

  Website and SEO Tools Minimize

There are a several tools on the net that aggregate useful SEO related information on one page. Here are a few where you can quickly evaluate any page and get ranking information, keyword analysis, linking stats, traffic counts, and more.
Website Grader
Test Everything
Great resources for search engine optimization, website marketing, all about engine spiders, and keywords etc.

Google's Keyword Tool
An important part of driving traffic to your website is using the right keywords... Keywords are the words and phrases that the consumer uses when they search the internet. Use Google’s free Keyword Tool to find the highest ranking and most used keywords in your market... test your keywords, view statistics, get suggestions...

SEObook Rank Checker
Firefox extension allows you to check your search engine rankings. Just enter your website URL, the keywords, and find out your positions for Google, Yahoo, and MSN.

SEO for Firefox
This tool is awesome. It lets you see relevant data about the best ranked websites for a given keyword. Once you understand why others are ranking so well, you can copy their strategy.

SEObook Toolbar
Great information such as PageRank, incoming links, and traffic data.

Keyword Difficulty Tool

This tool allows you to check how difficult it will be to rank for a certain keyword.

Page Analyzer

This tool allows you to check several vital metrics at once.

Keyword Density Analyzer
Excellent keyword density tool. This is another Keyword Density Analyzer tool that I like a lot.

Visual PageRank Tool
A great way to see the PageRank of all the pages on your website.

Backlink Checker
The most powerful free backlink tool available.

Keyword Competition Check Tool
You will love this one. Enter the keyword you want to rank for and you can see an analysis of your top 10 competitors.

Robots.txt Generator
Use this tool to control what pages you want the search engines to index from your website.

Very useful service that allows you to check and avoid duplicate content.

Having your keywords in the URL of your website is very important. This cool application suggests available domains based on the keywords you want to rank for.

Search Engine Optimization Analysis Tool

A great way to analyze your pages and improve them for the search engines.

Search Engine Spider Simulator
This tool shows you a website just like the search engines see it.

Backlink Builder
Very useful backlink tool. Enter a keyword and it returns a list of websites where you can list your own site and get valuable backlinks.

Backlink Summary
See who is linking to your competitors and ask them for links too.

Google Keyword Tool

Hands down, the best free keyword tool available. Find related keywords and find out the search volume of several keywords at once.

PageRank Search

Sort search results by PageRank. Very cool.

SEOmoz SEO Tools
Probably the best collection of SEO tools in the market. Some of them are paid but most are free.

  Security Optimization Minimize

Comodo Firewall Pro is rated as one of the top tools of its kind and it's free... is a lightweight antivirus utility that runs fast and scans e-mail, instant messaging, and peer-50-peer, other threats, and it's free!, a great free antivirus software and easy to configure. is one of my favorites, I have it on all of my pc's... Spybot offers live protection against spyware and scans your system for pre-existing spyware.